Top 5 Reasons to Customize Your Corporate Apparel

Custom branded apparel can have a positive impact on a company's image. At the same time, it can also boost employee morale, improve teamwork and drive greater productivity. If you have yet to leverage customized clothing, here's why you should be outfitting employees in professional apparel that showcases your brand.

  1. It projects a more professional image.In addition to improving brand identity, custom corporate apparel makes your organization look more professional. This can be especially important for a small business that’s trying to make a name for itself in a market that includes larger, more established competitors.

  2. They make customers feel more comfortable.By projecting a greater sense professionalism, branded corporate clothing instills customers with more confidence. At the same time, it can also allay concerns in certain instances. For example, if your workers regularly visit customers' homes, it's a good idea to clearly identify their affiliation with your brand.

  3. It boosts productivity.Studies suggest that employees tend to be more productive and efficient when they are wearing branded company uniforms. According to psychologists, this is because we tend to adopt certain characteristics associated with whatever garment we are wearing. In other words, when they put on branded company clothing, employees are more likely to ease into "work mode," while also projecting a more professional air.

  4. It helps build team spirit.By increasing teamwork and building a stronger sense of camaraderie, branded workwear can go a long way toward boosting group productivity. When managers wear a different color or style of custom company apparel, it can also help project a visible air of authority.

  5. It boosts brand recognition.In essence, branded corporate apparel turns your employees into walking billboards that advertise your logo, wherever they go. Since virtually any logo, font, image or trademark can be placed on your employees' uniforms, it's a big mistake to not take advantage of this convenient and powerful advertising space.

What if Your Company Doesn't Wear Uniforms?

Even if a business doesn't have any sort of official uniform policy, it can still leverage custom corporate apparel for conferences and special events. Whether it's a trade show, a golf event or community gathering, there are always opportunities for company representatives to don their branded apparel.

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Best Work Gloves for Fall and Winter

Armor is essential for people who work with their hands. To effectively apply their talents on the job, however, workers can't afford to be encumbered by bulky gloves that offer little protection and poor flexibility. To keep your crew comfortable and productive during cold weather, consider our list of the best gloves for winter work.

SuperDex Palm Coated Yellow/Black Gloves

These flexible gloves include a micro foam nitrile palm that ensures a solid grip. They also offer a high-visibility, yellow nylon shell, along with a breathable coating that keeps hands dry and cool. The non-marking, low-lint design minimizes the risk of material contamination, while the flexible, pre-curved finger design reduces hand fatigue.

Waterproof Armor Skin High-Vis Velcro Gloves

Made from the toughest synthetic glove material on the market, this high-performing work glove can endure wear and abrasion better than natural cowhide. It's also waterproof and heavily lined, making it one of the best gloves for winter. Hi-vis yellow and reflective sliver around knuckle make these gloves ideal for road work, law enforcement and any other environment wear high-visibility reduces the risk of accidents.

Anti-Vibration Premium Curve Technology by OccuNomix

Made of premium, washable, full-grain leather, these rugged work gloves include a Visco-Polymer padding that stands up to hot surfaces, while preventing the chafing that can come from carrying vibrating or especially heavy objects. These traits make it a great choice for people working in the construction industry or environments that require the use of industrial power tools. A pre-curved design enhances comfort and flexibility, while four-way stretch nylon conforms to fit any hand size.

Viz™ by Maximum Safety®

Designed to offer comfort and protection, while supporting fine parts handling, these gloves are perfect for landscaping, fabrication, manufacturing, demolition, auto repair and light construction. The hi-vis orange back is impossible to miss, and the easy-on, easy-off cuff allows workers to quickly free their hands for detailed projects.

Deerskin Palm with Thinsulate™

Soft, breathable and extremely pliable, these gloves offer flexible armor for construction, machine operation and agriculture. Thinsulate™ lining provides ample warmth without sacrificing flexibility. Spandex backing creates a more breathable glove that stretches to accommodate any type of hand.

Insulated Top Grain Pigskin Leather Palm Glove

Armed with safety cuffs, these durable gloves easily fit over coat sleeves, while offering great visibility during a broad range of high-risk applications. The Thinsulate™ lining keeps hands warm, while the Keystone thumb style promotes superior fit and flexibility.

Select Shoulder Split Cowhide Leather Palm Glove with High-visibility Back by PIP

This economical glove is a great choice for general cold work applications, such as highway construction and refrigerated warehousing. The Shoulder Split Cowhide leather construction promotes exceptional comfort and durability. Leather finger tips and palm construction enhances safety, while rubberized fabric safety cuffs protect the wrists.

Daylight Savings Calls For Reflective Safety Wear

As the weather turns cold, most of America rolls back time in an effort to optimize daylight. While the end of daylight saving time creates more sunlight during the morning hours, it reduces light toward the end of the work day. Here's what you should know about protecting your workforce during this especially dangerous time.

Understanding the Risks

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), fatal injuries along road construction sites most commonly occur as a result of workers being struck by vehicles. While that might not sound surprising given the distractible nature of American motorists, it doesn't tell the whole story.

Based on statistics provides by the BLS, while motorists are directly responsible for a large percentage of road construction site fatalities, the majority of accidents occur when workers are struck by construction equipment. Whether it's a back-over or run-over, jobsite accidents tend to result from visibility issues. Many times, this is due to obstruction; however, it's also frequently caused visibility issues related to low lighting.

The Need for High-Visibility Workwear

For companies working along America's roadsides, high-visibility work gear is anything but optional. At the same time, high-vis workwear is also necessary for construction workers that regularly move around forklifts, backhoes, trucks, cars and other machinery traveling under its own power.

More than one agency of the federal U.S. government has standards and guidance related to the wearing of high-visibility clothing. This includes both the Federal Highway Administration and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. These agencies typically reference the industry consensus standard, which comes from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA). While it's critical for managers to ensure that they are in compliance with these regulations, it's not always enough. When lighting is especially low, it's important for managers to go the extra mile by outfitting their crews with high-vis clothing and equipment that will actually get worn.

Choosing the Right High-visibility Clothing

High-visibility garments are designed to make wearers more visible to vehicular traffic. They do this by providing high color contrast between clothing and the work environment. Unfortunately, if they are uncomfortable, don't fit well, or are inappropriate for the weather, high-visibility clothing often ends up on the ground. To make sure your workers always don their brightest colors, it's important to choose high-visibility clothing that will ensure comfort and promote productivity. This means hi-vis winter jackets instead of vests when the temperature drops. It also means lightweight gear when the temperature soars above 100 degrees in the summer. It may also mean flexible high-visibility gloves that allow for fine handling, along with water-proof parkas that will keep workers dry when rain begins to fall.

With an incredible diversity of high-visibility workwear, Triple Crown is uniquely capable of providing the exact right gear and apparel, whatever your unique needs. Browse our extensive collection of high-visibility safety gear and discover cost-effective solutions for safer, more efficient worksites.
Small Business Community Involvement Tips for the Holidays

Smart businesses focus a lot of attention on building brand recognition among the people in their local communities. The holiday season provides unique opportunities for companies to engage the public through special promotions and events. Here are five smart ways to increase your pool of local customers this winter.

  1. Hold a food drive. During the holiday season, countless organizations accept charitable donations for the less fortunate. Think about starting or participating in a drive for non-perishable food items. This is a great way to cultivate valuable relationships, while also shedding positive light on your brand.

  2. Volunteer. Consider asking your employees to volunteer during the holiday season. What's more, outfit them in branded apparel that showcases your unique logo. If you are reluctant to ask your employees to dedicate their time for free, consider sweetening the deal by offering some intriguing holiday employee gifts.

  3. Target key events and organizations. All communities differ based on climate, location and demographics. To better understand your potential customers' needs and interests, you and your employees need to get involved in key events and organizations, such as business councils, neighborhood groups and even school PTA groups. You should also take steps to identify any potential holiday events and get involved either through sponsorships or direct participation.

  4. Host your own holiday event. Many businesses spend a lot of time trying to craft strategies that will allow them to participate in non-relevant community events. If you can't see a way to promote your service or product at a specific event, think about starting your own. Rent out space or use your own facility to host some type of event, and invite other non-competitive local businesses to participate.

  5. Plan a promotional giveaway. The holidays provide an ideal opportunity for businesses to engage the public with special promotions, giveaways and contests. Instead of giving out a monetary reward, however, take your marketing strategy a step further by offering branded promotional items as first, second and third prizes.

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Popular Employee Appreciation Gifts by Industry

According to Harvard Business Review, an employee gift can actually motivate workers better than cash bonuses. To effectively engage your workforce, however, it helps to choose products that are relevant to their fields or industries. Here are some gift ideas for employees working in some of America's top industries.

Autos & Vehicles/Motor Vehicles

Thermos Travel Tumblers: Available in a wide array of colors and styles, insulated travel tumblers keep hot beverages hot and cold beverage cold. Whether they're filled with coffee, water or soda, these mobile beverage holders appeal to just about anyone, whether they drive for a living or make a short daily commute.

Highway emergency sets: These comprehensive roadside kits can be lifesavers, when unexpected car trouble leaves your employees stranded on the side of the road. Designed to provide safety and peace of mind, each kit includes 200-amp jumper cables, a gas siphon, warning triangle, two bungee cords, a Mylar blanket for staying warm, two glow sticks, a flashlight, tire gauge, a pair of gloves with rubber grips, and a sturdy carrying case with pockets for securing all 12 pieces.

Deluxe Windshield Shade: Comprised of light, reflective material, these foldable shades keep automobile interiors cool, while protecting dashboards from UV damage. They also easily pop open and collapse through a unique spring-like action that allows them to conveniently slide into a small round polyurethane case.

Real Estate/Residential Properties

Flashlights: In the best of circumstances, vacant properties will have working electricity. Many times, however, real estate professionals must organize showings without the benefit of artificial light. A high intensity flashlight can be a godsend, especially when a bit of staging is required.

Plastic Power Bank, Wall Charger & Car Charger Kit: A lack of power can also complicate communication, since there's no way for agents to charge their smartphones. This all-in-one power bank and car charger kit ensures that their phones will always be on for emergencies and important calls.

Tool Bag: A thriving real estate company has the resources to hire professionals to make even the smallest repairs. In many instances, however, agents are forced to make repairs themselves. Whether they need to swap out fixtures, change switch plates, measure a room or tighten the occasional screw, this comprehensive tool bag gives real estate professionals everything they need to prep a home for a timely showing.

Home & Garden/Home Decor

Picture Frames: Virtually everyone adorns their homes with family photos. By offering attractive frames to your employees, you can connect on an emotional level, while making your brand a fixture in their homes.

Garden Tool Pack: Packed with gardening essentials, this attractive tote is a great gift for employees who are caught up in the booming gardening hobby-trend.

Rosewood Wine Glass Set: An ideal gift for wine enthusiasts, this lovely set includes a wood box with a handsome rosewood finish. Inside, your valued employee will find two sparkling wine glasses nestled safely in die-cut foam, along with a tool drawer that holds a silver plastic foil cutter, fold-out knife, decanting pourer, stopper and corkscrew.


Sport Jugs: When they are working long hours on the job site, construction crews consume massive quantities of water and sports drinks. This insulated sports jug makes sure your crew will never go thirsty, thanks to an insulated, 384-ounce reservoir that keeps beverages cool all day long.

Tool Rolls: Cumbersome tool boxes are heavy and difficulty to organize. When your workers need tools for a timely task, they'll appreciate this convenient tool roll that includes 18 pockets for varying sizes for tools. Easy to handle and haul, this worksite essential can boost productivity and enhance employee goodwill.

Retractable Flashlight: This retractable flashlight extends to illuminate hard-to-reach places. It also includes a magnet on end that can pick up items just out of reach. Whether they dropped a tool in a bad spot or need to pick up loose nails at the end of the day, this innovative tool can make things whole a lot easier on your crew.


Luggage: A perfect gift for valued employees and invaluable clients, custom luggage helps to cultivate goodwill. At the same time, it can also increase brand awareness, as your staffer or client travels through airports. From hard-sided carry-on bags and lightweight duffels to computer cases and high-end luggage, there are plenty of options for any situation.

Aero-Snooze Travel Kit: For frequent travelers, it's not always easy to get enough shut-eye. Help take the red out of "redeye" flights with this three-piece set that includes a handy TSA-compliant carrying pouch with foam earplugs and a soft nylon eye mask.

Tech Travel Kit: Power will never be in short supply with this handy employee travel gift. Ideal for road trips, the convenient molded carrying case includes a 5V/1A AC adapter and 5V/1A car charger that can charge phones in the car and in a hotel room.


Getting Optimal ROI for Your Gift

A thoughtful employee gift can make workers feel more appreciated. At the same time, it can also help improve morale, drive productivity and reduce turnover. To get optimal benefits, however, it pays to choose gifts that are relevant to your workers' lives. Instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach, try to get to know each employee and think of ways you can connect by offering a more personalized gift.


In today’s fast changing business climate, the rush to offer the best online experience continues to grow. While we believe online services are important, we also believe expert advice and help by people that know your business is critical when ordering custom logo apparel and promotional products.

For example, some companies offer online art designers allowing users to create logos and artwork that can then be printed or embroidered on apparel and promotional products. While these tools can be a quick way to come up with a simple generic design, we know that there is no replacement for a professional graphic designer and software who can turn any idea into a unique brand image. That is why we have and will continue to focus on increasing our graphic design team and capabilities.

Also, online shopping tools are a convenient way to sort through nearly unlimited amounts of products and we feel ours is one of the best. But online tools do not know about the unique needs of each organization, company or group which is critical when ordering a variety of branded products. Different products have unique logo and branding abilities and limitations and some products work better with others. For this reason each of our customers are given a dedicated representative to help meet very specific needs and to make it easy to replenish and find compatible products over time.

Last but not least is the problem of an unlimited amount of companies that specialize in a specific product category or service. This works fine for blank retail products but leaves much to be desired when it comes to ordering branded products with a custom logo. Not only is it a hassle to set-up logos with multiple companies, but every corporate apparel and promotional products company has different quality standards and logo color pallets which can make it nearly impossible to create a cohesive and quality branded appearance. This is why we offer such a wide range of products and logo options to our customers in order to meet every branding need possible. Our graphic design team examine and match logo colors across different imprint methods such as screen printing and embroidery to ensure that logo colors have a cohesive look across various products.

In summary, we believe that modern organizations need the power of online tools with the added convenience of personal and professional customer service to provide the best branding experience. Triple Crown Products will continue to focus on giving our customers the best off all worlds in this regard.