Triple Crown Products Peapod Customer Testimonial
By Elizabeth     /     Posted Tuesday, November 20, 2018
By Elizabeth     
Posted Tuesday, November 20, 2018
Triple Crown Products Peapod Customer Testimonial

Peapod is an online grocery store active across the Midwest and Northeastern United States. Customers place grocery orders online and schedule a convenient delivery time. Peapod’s drivers then deliver groceries directly to the customer’s door. In this Triple Crown Products Peapod customer testimonial, we’ll explore how TCP helps Peapod achieve its promotional and work uniform requirements.

Peapod Service Locations

Peapod serves a wide area, with deliveries available in:

  • Central Pennsylvania
  • Chicagoland
  • Connecticut
  • Indianapolis
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Milwaukee
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Philadelphia 
  • Rhode Island
  • Southern New Hampshire
  • South-East Pennsylvania
  • South-East Wisconsin
  • Virginia
  • Washington, DC

Peapod pioneered the concept of online grocery delivery with a history going back to 1989. Their centralized distribution model allows for next-day delivery of everything from fresh produce, dairy, and meats to canned goods, pet supplies, and household items.

Outfitting Drivers

As the men and women delivering groceries directly to clients’ doors, Peapod drivers are the face of their company. A smart logoed uniform is essential to make and maintain a good impression, and Triple Crown offers easy access to such customized workwear.

The drivers themselves “enjoy the comfort and durability” of TCP-sourced workwear, according to Peapod representative Amie Watson. Drivers are, after all, wearing the uniforms twelve months a year and appreciate Triple Crown’s ability to provide the season-appropriate workwear they need.

Logo Aid

While interviewing Watson for this installment of the Triple Crown Products customer spotlight series, we asked her what she thought of the collaborative relationship Peapod shares with TCP. She told us Peapod appreciated our assistance in creating the online grocery service’s logo styles, which resulted in products they use both regularly and for special events.

Staff Rewards and Moral Boosts

Peapod’s drivers and warehouse staff work hard in all types of weather to ensure customers receive their groceries in a timely manner. It’s hard work, and an integral part of Peapod’s business model.

Every year, Peapod hosts special events for staff, rewarding them for their hard work and accomplishments. Triple Crown Products plays a role in these events, providing Peapod with a wide range of promotional thank-you gifts for staff. By showing company appreciation for an employee’s hard work, Peapod inspires drivers and other staff to strive for ever-better service.

Triple Crown Products has provided Peapod with uniforms and promotional items for many years. Watson identifies TCP’s commitment to quality products as a major factor in the two companies’ partnership, as well as the efficiency with which Triple Crown answers accounting inquiries and other questions.

Peapod’s friendly drivers and to-your-door groceries have made them a success across the regions they serve. At Triple Crown Products, we’re proud to offer them the products needed to help them meet their goals.
Triple Crown Products John
By Elizabeth     /     Posted Tuesday, November 20, 2018
By Elizabeth     
Posted Tuesday, November 20, 2018
Triple Crown Products John's Disposal Customer Testimonial

In this episode of the Triple Crown Products customer spotlight series we are proud to showcase a company with a long history of working with TCP: John’s Disposal. It’s a collaboration with a personal side: Dan Jongeties, general manager of John’s Disposal, went to high school with Luke Quernemoen of Triple Crown Products, and the two companies have worked together for the last ten years.

John’s Disposal: Serving Southeast Wisconsin since 1969

John’s Disposal began as John’s Pick-Up Service in 1969, when John Jongeties founded the company. Like Triple Crown Products, John’s Disposal has always been a family business with an emphasis on buying local whenever possible.

As trash and recycle collection company, John’s Disposal focuses on residential curbside collection, serving sixty-five municipalities in Southeast Wisconsin, including Dane, Milwaukee, Jefferson, Kenosha, Racine, Rock, Walworth, and Waukesha counties.

Tough, Dependable Workwear

Curbside collection and recycling requires tough, durable work uniforms capable of protecting employees against the elements, dirt, and debris. For John’s Disposal, this means Triple Crown Product’s selection of hardy Carhartt products. Dan Jongeties reports his employees love Carhartt gear and wear it with a sense of pride.

Promotional Gifts and Rewards

John’s Disposal credits much of the company’s success to the hard work and dedication of its employees. The company regularly rewards employees with high-quality promotional gifts; Dan notes the gift of a jacket or similar item really boosts an employee’s morale and company pride.

When it comes to promotional items and workwear, Dan comes to Triple Crown Products with a general idea of what he needs. The TCP team helps him narrow his choices to find the items that are just right for his needs and works with him to ensure his final choice is a good match with the John’s Disposal logo.

The John’s Disposal’s sale team also makes good use of TCP products, finding quality promotional gifts improve the impressions they make on current and potential customers.

Two family-owned businesses with a commitment to local purchasing and quality service: Triple Crown Products and John’s Disposal have enjoyed a decades-long relationship that benefits not just the two companies, but their employees as well.
Design Guide: Custom Printed Hoodies
By Elizabeth     /     Posted Tuesday, November 20, 2018
By Elizabeth     
Posted Tuesday, November 20, 2018
Design Guide: Custom Printed Hoodies

Screen printing works by pressing ink through a prepared mesh onto a fine material to create an image. Multiple meshes are used to print multi-colored designs, as each color is applied separately. Custom screen print hoodies make valued promotional gifts to clients, customers, and employees alike.

Before you design your own hoodie though, there are some important elements to consider. Not all hoodies are created equal, so matching the printing requirements of your logo to the right shirt is essential.

Does Your Hoodie Need to Be Preshrunk?

Synthetic shirt materials shrink the first time they are exposed to heat, which can distort images on custom screen print hoodies. If your shirt is made from synthetic materials, check to see if shirts should be preshrunk before printing.

Tips for Designing Your Own Hoodie

Screen printing works best when printing on even, flat fabric surfaces. If you print over areas thicker than the rest of the shirt, printing inconsistencies and gaps in the logo can appear. From a practical viewpoint, this means considering the location of hoodie seams, pockets, and zippers, when you design your own hoodie.

Issues with seams and pockets are most common with jumbo prints. In such cases, reducing the size of the logo provides the easiest solution.

Color Matters

Brightly colored hoodies can alter logo colors when you make your own shirt, tinting lighter dye colors, like yellows and whites, with the underlying fabric color. Sweatshirts with base colors including greens, reds, blues, purples, and teals can have this effect. Ask your printing provider if your choice of hoodie color is a good match for your logo before you commit to printing.

Detagging Issues

When you make your own shirt for promotional purposes, you probably want the shirt to only reflect your brand. For this reason, many companies opt to have hoodie manufacturers’ tags removed before printing. Most clothing manufacturers understand this need, but some tags are easier to remove than others. Again, your custom print hoodie provider can advise you on which shirts offer the easiest tag removal.

Double-Lined Hoodies

Double-lined hoodies tend to slide on the screening press, making it difficult to add additional colors with successive printing screens. This doesn’t rule out using double-lined hoodies when you design your own hoodie, but they are best suited for single-color print jobs.

Printing on Hoodie Pockets

If you choose to print your logo on a hoodie pocket, the printer glues the pocket into place. This may result in residual glue spray in the pocket after printing, which dissolves in the first wash.

Custom Printing Hoods

Some custom screen print hoodies have logos and designs printed on the shirt hood. Single-lined sweatshirts work best for hood printing, which may have to be heat pressed.

Which Fabric to Choose?

The thicker a sweatshirt, the more ink it soaks up during the printing process. For custom hoodies, 100 percent cotton or an 80/20 cotton/polyester blend works best.

Choosing a hoodie

To make your hoodie with your own logo, you need to choose a hoodie that best fits your needs and, of course, your budget. Below are six sweatshirt hoodies options to consider for your next promotional project, ranked from Good to Better to Best.

Good: Jerzees Pullover Sweatshirt

Made from a 50/50 cotton/ polyester blend and Nublend® pill resistant fleece, the Jerzees 996M pullover sweatshirt comes in a wide variety of styles at a price well-suited for bulk promotional orders.

Good: Jerzees Full-Zip Hooded Sweatshirt

Another good choice for bulk orders where cost is a factor, the Jerzees full-zip hooded sweatshirt boasts a high stitch density for smooth printing and a single-ply hood.

Better: ULTRA WEIGHT Full-Zip Hoodie

The ULTRA WEIGHT full-zip hoodie has a double-lined hoodie for comfort with a heavy weight 80/20 cotton/polyester blend ideal for screen printing on the back or either side of the zipper.

Better: ULTRA WEIGHT Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt

Need an 80/20 cotton / polyester hoodie to showcase a jumbo logo? The ULTRA WEIGHT pullover hooded sweatshirt offers plenty of room on the chest for large designs, with a double-lined hood and front hand warmer pockets.

Best: Under Armour Storm Fleece Hoody

Made from 100 percent polyester, the Under Armour Storm Fleece Hoody is a high-quality option ideal for special promotional gifts. The hoody’s moisture transportation system wicks sweat away from the body, while a DWR finish repels water without sacrificing breathability.

Best: Carhartt Midweight Hooded Sweatshirt

Made from 10.5-oz 50/50 cotton/polyester blend, the Carhartt Midweight Hooded Sweatshirt boasts minimal shrinkage and pilling for long-lasting custom screen printing. An exceptional garment with spandex-reinforced rib-knit cuffs and waistband, this sturdy hoodie is an excellent choice as either a promotional gift or an employee reward.

For a full selection of hoodies and sweatshirts offered by Triple Crown Products, click here. Or call 800-619-1110 during office hours and one of our friendly, knowledgeable sales staff will be happy to help you design your own shirt.
9 Benefits of Employee Uniforms
By Elizabeth     /     Posted Tuesday, November 20, 2018
By Elizabeth     
Posted Tuesday, November 20, 2018
9 Benefits of Employee Uniforms

Compare two companies competing in the same field. In the first, employees wear custom printed business shirts emblazoned with the company logo. The second has employees dressed smartly, but with no uniform or observable sense of corporate identity. Which company presents a more professional face to customers? Most people would argue the benefits of employee uniforms give the first company a competitive edge.

Using custom printed business shirts as the basis for a company uniform does more than provide you with a stylish, unified workforce. The benefits of employee uniforms affect productivity, customer service, and employee morale. Here are nine ways employee uniforms can improve your business.

Create a good first impression
Like it or not, people tend to judge others on how they’re dressed. Smart custom printed business shirts give customers a favorable first impression of your employees, and your organization, by extension.